How Often Must You Tweet to Maximize Twitter Exposure

Those that use social media for business purposes often find that they are perplexed by how often posting should be done. The Twitter platform is similar to Facebook in some ways, but should not be used in exactly the same manner. Overall, Twitter requires a bit more diligence on the behalf of the user.

Twitter offers a faster pace, and this pace means that your tweet will likely not remain visible for long. For this reason, posts to Twitter should be more frequent than posts to Facebook. While there is no magic number, posting several times a day is advisable.

It will be important to follow up on any comments or questions that are directed to you. The Twitter platform tends to be a tad tougher to use when it comes to responses, but new users will get the hang of it over time. Do consider re-tweeting messages of interest, even if they are from competitors.

Staying visible on Twitter will require consistent posting on a daily basis. Since this only takes a few minutes, it should come as no hardship to make this happen. There are many rewards to using Twitter, and when done optimally, businesses can indeed see an increase in sales due to social media interaction.

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